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Allison Rimland, Licensed Professional Counselor

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Call 303-513-8975 Email For new therapy clients, I provide a free 20 minute phone consultation for your questions and comfort.

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Individual Counseling

I want to…

Strengthen my relationship even though 
        my partner won’t attend counseling
Learn how to talk to my partner
Work on myself to find the love I want
Feel less anxious
Stop having fears or panic attacks steal my joy
Heal from trauma
Overcome my low self-esteem
Adjust to being a new mom or dad

Counseling can help you get the love you deserve

As a licensed Denver counselor, I provide a supportive and respectful space for you to improve your relationships, decrease anxiety and depression, achieve your goals, and thrive.

Counseling specializations include:

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Do you feel stuck in repeating patterns or arguments leading nowhere?

Do you want to find joy in your relationships?

Has your relationship fallen short of its potential?

You want a great relationship, but instead you are stuck in a destructive patterns with the ones you love. You try to talk about your feelings, but you don’t feel heard. You want closeness, but feel distance instead. You want to feel loved and accepted, but feel criticized or attacked. You work really hard to please your loved ones, but don’t feel appreciated.

I believe you have the ability to achieve a happy relationship. I can help you bring love, security and closeness to your most important relationships.

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Family and Couples Counseling

Affiliate Therapist

Marta Kem, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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